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We're Spreading Our Roots

And we need your help

The Wandering Bohem will soon be a non-profit! Our purpose remains the same; to uplift, educate and provide for the community. Just like the Walnut, Black Gum and Butternut trees, we want our roots to go deep and spread far for generations to come. 

Community Garden


Our mission is to remain accessible so everyone will be able to benefit from what we offer.


Our vision is consistent growth. One of the ways that will happen is with a sustainable network of ecological centers for the benefit of the surrounding communities. Greenhouses, Accredited Classes, Work-Study Opportunities,   Volunteer Opportunities, Workshops, Community Events, Retreats, More Locations in areas with little to no holistic health options, Health Food Options, Space for Services from local practitioners and so much more.

We will also aid in solving homelessness and food security issues with low-income/low-impact housing and community gardens.   

Green House

Goal: $300,000

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