Updated: Jan 12

To help you start with the most important part of your spiritual journey. Whether you are seasoned or a beginner, grounding is the most important tool.

Grounding is the act of being present and rooted. Think of it in the literal sense, forming an anchor so that as you move through your day you can always come back to yourself if you get overwhelmed or lose focus.

It's ideal to ground in the morning before you start your day, midday to check in with yourself, and at night before you sleep to shake off the madness from the day.

*also very important for empaths, to have this in your toolbox before you even step out of the door*

Grounding Crystals:


Smoky Quartz

Black Tourmaline


Tiger's Eye

Here are some recipes to try in your diffuser, unscented lotion or in a carrier oil to wear on your skin:

4 drops of lavender

2 drops of lemon


3 drops of chamomile

2 drops of lavender

2 drops of ylang-ylang


5 drops of orange

2 drops of frankincense


3 drops of bergamot

1 drop of lime

1 drop of lemon

1 drop of grapefruit


3 drops of rose

3 drops of jasmine

Guided Meditation

Try this mediation in the morning before you start your day and/or a night before you go to sleep. (or whenever you need it):

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